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Division C

Event schedule and event locations for Division C high schoolers during the Saturday Tournament.

To find the description of the events go to


For Spectator Events please see the * in the room list below.

Event Information

FLIGHT:  This will be held on a full basketball court with curtains down, a basketball court is 94’x50′. The ceiling height is 27′. A/C is schedule to be off.
Starting Saturday morning (7:00am) there will be an area of Heskett Center courts open for practice. This will not be monitored and is at the team’s own risk for crashes.

TRAJECTORY:  This will be held on a full basketball court with curtains down and a ceiling height of 27′.

Photo of Flight and Storm the Castle location.
Photo of Flight and Trajectory location. Each basketball court will be an event.

Event Location


ASTRONOMY:  Jabara Hall, 107

*BRIDGE:  Hubbard Hall, 208

CELL BIOLOGY:  Hubbard Hall, 339

CHEM LAB:  McKinley Hall, 111

CODEBUSTERS:  Heskett Center, 207

DETECTOR BUILDING:  McKinley Hall, 108

DISEASE DETECTIVES:  Hubbard Hall, 211

DYNAMIC PLANET:  Rhatigan Student Center, 265

ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY:  McKinley Hall, 202 ***Room Change


FERMI QUESTIONS:  McKinley Hall, 324

*FLIGHT:  Heskett Center, Courts

FORENSICS:  McKinley Hall, 121

FORESTRY:  Hubbard Hall, 304

GREEN GENERATION:  Rhatigan Student Center, 266

IT’S ABOUT TIME (Impound): McKinley Hall, 204

IT’S ABOUT TIME (Written Test): McKinley Hall, 227

IT’S ABOUT TIME (Device Test): McKinley Hall, 230

REMOTE SENSING:  Jabara Hall, 104

ROCKS AND MINERALS:  Lindquist Hall, 207 ***Room Change

SCRAMBLER (Impound):  Heskett Center, 145A

*SCRAMBLER (Event):  Heskett Center, 143

*TRAJECTORY:  Impound and Event – Heskett Center, Courts

WIFI LAB: Jabara Hall, 21

WRITE IT DO IT:  Lindquist Hall, 100