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Arts Partners

Arts Partners is our Smart to be Good partner for the 2023 Science Olympiad National Tournament.

Generation STEAM is an Arts Partners initiative that “increases the access of under-resourced students to quality education that includes learning in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).” We are excited to partner with Arts Partners to help bring to completion the student generated project ideas to fulfill community needs. The completed project will be a part of Ruby’s Culture Campus.

Arts Partners’ Generation STEAM connects 5th-12th grade students with STEAM mentors from the Wichita community to facilitate the development of student solutions to student identified problems in their communities. Join us in helping raise the funding for a multi layered project.

For more information on Arts Partners and their initiative, Generation STEAM, please visit their webpage. We will soon have more details on the project goals and how you can help make those goals a reality.

Science Olympiad teams, coaches, parents, officials, sponsors and volunteers will be invited to donate any amount to help empowers students to be creative problem solvers. Let’s show our Science Olympiad spirit to those who need a hand. Remember: It’s Good to be Smart, and Smart to be Good!