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Information for Teams

As hosts of the 2023 Science Olympiad National Tournament Wichita State University extends our congratulations and a warm welcome to all teams qualifying for this highest level of competition! On this page, you will find links your team needs leading up to the arriving in Wichita for the competition and tournament festivities.

If your team didn’t qualify for the 2023 National Tournament, check out our social media pages and information on the STEM Expo. These include events open to everyone and shouldn’t be missed!

Important Documents

Look here in Spring 2023 for important documents your team will need for the tournament.

Social Media

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!


Check back for information on available scholarships and how to apply.

Thursday Events

Exploration Place: Visit Wichita's Exploration Place during your stay. Explore Exhibits and Live Science Shows. Sign up here
Check back here for events that will be occurring around campus on Thursday May 18th.

Tournament Day

If you are looking for information on Tournament Day, please see the dedicated pages on this site for information on tournament format, schedules, and more.


Opening Ceremony Events

Check here for information on the opening ceremony. Information like where it is happening, when the doors will open for seating, and the agenda will be found in this location.
Information on the Parade of States for the Opening Ceremony will be found here: From how many people from each team, items that are not allowed, items that are suggested for teams to bring, to the location/time of line up/practice. *NO items thrown into the audience.
When: Friday night after the opening ceremony ~8:00pm.
    Where: The Alumni Walk running between Wiedemann/Duerksen Fine Arts and Morrison/Jardine/McKinley Halls. This is an outdoor venue and we are not assigning spaces. We are not providing tables.
      As you are planning your swaps remember the following rules:
      • NO selling items at the Swap Meet.
      • NO inflatables or balloons are allowed as swaps or into either ceremony.
      • NO Food Items.
      • Stay out of the flowers.
      • Please make sure when you leave your area looks like it did when you arrived.

Awards Ceremony

Check here for information on the awards ceremony. Information like where it is happening, when the doors will open for seating, and the agenda will be found in this location.
Results will be available for public view the Wednesday, May 24, 2023. Please see the results page for those rankings.

Smart to be Good Program

To continue with Science Olympiad’s charitable giving program, Science Olympiad and Wichita State University are partnering with Generation STEAM. We will have multiple opportunities prior to the tournament for teams to interact with the organization when at WSU. To find out more about Generation STEAM and our partnership goals, please visit the page on this site linked below. Science Olympiad teams, coaches, parents, officials, sponsors and volunteers will be invited to donate any amount. Let’s show our Science Olympiad spirit to those who need a hand. It’s Good to be Smart, and Smart to be Good! 

Global Ambassador Team from Japan

In 2009, Board Members Dr. Gerard Putz and Jim Woodland traveled to Tokyo, Japan, to present Science Olympiad concepts to Japanese education officials from the Ministry of Education (MEXT) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) at “Science Agora.” A partnership between Science Olympiad and JST was born, founded on a shared passion for making science competition fun and exciting for all students. We look forward to continuing the tradition of hosting the Ambassador Team from Japan as they compete along side their American peers competing on May 20, 2023 in the Science Olympiad National Tournament at WSU.